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I have learned more about my product in the last two years working with some really fast cars. Super racers like Mark Micke* has pushed the TH400 to speeds of 6:25 over 235 MPH. To accomlish this, my billet valve bodys have taken a whole new look, and more important, completely redesigned oil circuits. A valvebody can be compared to A cylinder head. It has to flow oil. Put all the trick clutches, steels, bands in your trans and without the ability to deliver oil to the clutch packs and bands, or with a trans brake, (flowing oil the other way to acheve clean instant release) without eating the clutches . As we retool, new features are comeing down the pike for TH400/TF727, like.... 

- Instant trans brake setup -
- 2nd gear leavers.   (take your pick, 1st & 2nd launch in one trans) -
- Rear band on in low gear (quicker setup yet for tubo cars) -
- New manual w/o transbrake, band on or off -
- Spragless valvebodys (1000 HP up with features above) -
Spragless manual control in all 3 speeds for monster trucks.
(also being tested in BAJA racing)

Bear with me while we compile more infromation.

* Mark Micke is probably one of the most capable trans builders I have ever talked to. He has a bunch of dedicated racers with some really fast race cars running out of his stable. These guys are willing to try anything in hope's to get any kind of  edge. Thanks go to Mark and his crew that I have the priverige to apply the theory of these billet 
racing bodys to the real challenge of drag raceing.
Steve Griner  

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